Residency Unlimited

New York Note Film by Wawrzyniec Gucewicz

Duration: 50 min.

Wawrzyniec Gucewicz’s 2015 New York FilmNote is an #essential cinematic ode to New York City as we know it, consisting of a sequence of meanderings through many of NYC’s iconic touch points – Times Square, Central Park, NYC’s bustling streets and underground arteries among them. Vacillating between black and white that evokes the street photography of Elliott Erwitt and Helen Levitt, and the saturated color of 1970s film, Gucewicz’s footage of NYC street scenes, holiday parades, subway buskers, Christmas windows and backyard holiday celebrations capture the relentless pulse of the city through everyday scenes and ambient sounds.

After many years working in the film industry, Gucewicz returned to painting in 2017 with a focus on people and the times they live in, their ideas and inventions. He was a 2020 artist-in-residence until having to return to Poland recently as a result of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Gucewicz is safe with his family in Krakow, Poland, and will be back in residence at RU in the fall.

Wawrzyniec Gucewicz, New York FilmNote, 2015. Courtesy the artist.

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