Residency Unlimited



Feedback by past RU Residents on their experience during a RU residency.

Georg Petermichl, Austria (May-July, 2017)

I want to thank each and everyone of u for all the various things that you have been doing during my three months residency. For our talks, for help with the setup of the show, the communication around it, for getting me in touch with a very interesting part of the NYC art world.

Petra Poelzl, Germany (March-April 2017) – Curator

The main goal of my residency was it to create professional connections and expand my network in New York City – to meet artists, curators, art professionals. Two months is not a very long time, but with the great support of the fantastic RU team and their comprehensively established network, it all turned out well and I was able to broaden my professional network. I do hope to be back soon.

Željka Blakšić, NYC (March-May 2017)

Residency Unlimited is really a unique and a very special place. All RU team goes completely out of their way to help artists research and realize their projects no matter how complicated they seem.

João Marçal, Portugal (March-May 2017)

RU played an important role in my achievements during my stay in New York. Especially because of the network they develop and how close they are to the artists.

Joshua Nierodzinski, NYC (March-May 2017)

RU gave me audience with art professionals that have embraced my practice, offering validation and encouragement to take on the more ambitious and risky aspects of my creative practice.

Mark Požlep, Slovenia (April-May 2017)

RU served as a formidable base for me to launch my project. The entire team is synchronized and responded to my technical and curatorial needs. Through the studio visits I gained specific introspection into my own work and clearer sense of critical feedback. Being able to present the work in process as opposed to finished is a big privilege. Keep on doing the good work!

Maiko Jinushi, Japan (Feb-April 2017)

RU organizes studio visits designed specially for each artist, and this worked very well for me.RU provided a very good setting for the research-based project I was pursuing! RU also connected me with a many local art professionals and communities in New York.

Dimitar Shopov, Bulgaria (Feb-March, 2017)

RU is the catalyst of our ideas. Your work is great. Your support was the best.

Alejandro Campins, Cuba (Feb-March,2017)

Everyone I met, both, RU residents and staff, as well as people from institutions and organizations, were very valuable. With all of them I spent very good time and I learned many things, without exception of anyone.

José Yaque, Cuba (Feb-March, 2017)

The most valuable is RU itself because everybody there is so kind and aware of artists needs during our entire stay. Organizing talks and promoting the dialog for each artist, likewise organizing meetings in the studio itself with collectors and curators and art lovers in general.

The experience was really interesting and fresh. I´m very grateful to have had such an amazing time.

Keren Benbenisty, NYC (Sept-Nov, 2016)

RU was a genuine and accurate collaborator in all means. Intellectually, conceptually, socially and strategically. During 3 months, I had a partner and a collaborator and was able to think of a larger project, outside my solitary work in the studio. The project will be accomplished in 2017 thanks to RU connections and support.

Liliya Lifanova, NYC (Sept – Nov, 2016)

RU residency was a truly bright experience for me as it substantially moved forward my art practice. Through a highly tailored and individual approach, RU introduced me to a wide array of local and international art professionals and fellow artists. This was crucial, as my demanding studio practice often leaves meetings on the bottom of my priority list.  As a whole, I believe RU influenced my view of the art scene both locally and internationally and helped me define my vision for my current project and beyond.

Brett Swenson, NYC (Sept-Nov, 2016)

I actually think this program was particularly valuable to me as a non-represented New York based artist, and so I would like to continue seeing emerging local artists offered this opportunity in the future. I felt well supported by the RU staff during my residency, and consider the program to have been one of the better residency experiences I’ve had so far. I appreciate the direct approach of connecting artists with others they might not otherwise encounter.

Bruno Baptistelli, Brazil (Oct-Nov, 2016)

During the residency I had the possibility to talk about my work in a different context. It gave me a new point of view of my own production.

Jonas Weber Herrera, Germany (June-Nov, 2016)

RU was amazing regarding every question or need concerning life in NYC, production or contacts I wanted to make. Whatever I asked for or wanted to know was provided or answered fast, uncomplicated and very efficient.

Kai-chun Chiang, Taiwan (Aug-Nov, 2016)

The greatest thing with RU is the continued relationship. RU creates fantastic connections between the visiting artists and curators from all over the world. People will keep in touch even after their residency. Such a beautiful start.

Sean Wang, Taiwan (Aug – Dec, 2016)

RU is the dream opportunity for artists who want to build connections and enlarge their view of New York.

Shurui Li, China (Aug-Sept, 2016)

I met some interesting curators and gallerists who were able to let me know more about what is going on in the New York art scenes.  I was also able to get started finding space for a mural project that I have had in mind for a while, and while it didn’t work out this time, it is something where connections are established and I can continue this project in the future.

Amanda Roderick & Bella Kerr, Swansea, Wales (Oct – Nov, 2016) – Curator

RU’s experience, expertise, advice, support and knowledge clearly has much respect around the City and we were very fortunate to have the connections we did through their hard work and efforts. We appreciate the support before, during and afterwards and hope to work with RU on many more projects in the future.

Thibault Brunet, France (Oct – Nov, 2016)

Two weeks ago, I came back from New York.  I would like to thank you profusely for the opportunity you gave me working with such an amazing team. It was a really great moment for me, I worked a lot on my ongoing projects and met a lot of incredible people. I have no words to explain the pleasure it was to go to work there every day. I wish it wasn’t finished!

Nina Simonovic, Belgrade/France (Oct-Nov, 2016)

Despite the fact it was a short residency  RU planned everything perfectly. I felt very supported and have gained confidence with my work.

Özgür Demirci, Turkey (August – September, 2016)

I have met so many art professionals, curators, critics and writers and I would say most of them were great. And their feedback will be very beneficial for the development process of future projects. I am thankful for RU’s unique support and friendship.

Ana Prata, Brazil (March-August, 2016)

RU organized an exhibition for me which was a very nice conclusion to my residency. As someone unfamiliar with New York, RU was my link to the city, to art professionals that I met each week and presented my practice to as well as to other artists.

Ivan Gaete, Chile/NYC (May – July, 2016)

RU’s platform offers a unique and provocative space to have meaningful exchanges with artists and art professionals from all over the world. Their brilliant team of professionals and allies are fully committed to honor and enhance the careers of their artists in residence. They are incredibly smart, diligent, vibrant and have wowed me at every turn, granting me access to opportunities i had yet to imagined. An unforgettable residency that has deepened the understanding of my practice and expanded my love for the arts community at large.