Residency Unlimited

Luciana Solano is an independent curator and art consultant based in Brooklyn, New York. Her multidisciplinary projects focus on the intersection between art, science and language in contemporary environments. Solano is particularly interested in developing site-specific art exhibitions that reconfigure physical and spatial relationships with the viewer. She brings a unique perspective to her curatorial platform after working in the field of Computer and Biological Sciences, for which she holds undergraduate and graduate degrees. She has been serving on the naming committee of Brazilian Pipa Prize since 2019 and is a regular collaborator to the General consulate of Brazil in NY.

Luciana is the co-founder of Art in Brackets, an organization that culturally translates for artists, galleries and institutions throughout the US and abroad, fostering connections and collaborations with the vibrant creative community of NYC. A women-owned business, Art in Brackets advises collectors, architects, and interior designers, in defining an acquisition profile based on their interests, objectives, and budgets.