Residency Unlimited


Nov 2015 | In the Studio

Ivan Gaete at Ace Hotel AIR series


Program: AIR
Location: Ace Hotel New York
Date of Stay: 11/01/15
Artist: Iván Gaete

Iván Gaete kicked off our November AIR series by making a new work from his “synergic” series. Untitled (Ace) is a 14″ x 17″ mixed media work (thread on paper) which we found hanging on the wall, complete with helpful arrow. Iván also produced seven drawings under the title Untitled (fathomable mazes, Nov 2015 series) - each clock in at 5 1/4″ x 8 1/4″ and are made of “sharpie on moleskine”. Lastly, he documented the stay with some photos and a custom URL.

Gaete is a self-taught visual artist based in New York. His drawings, paper constructions, photographs, videos and installations are multi-layered surveys of how systems of knowledge are formed. Through labor-intensive processes, geometry, randomness and repetition, he explores the physical and formal qualities of paper, ink and thread. He intersects architectural and sewing practices using ambiguity as a tool to deconstruct the relationship between abstraction, form and content.

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