Residency Unlimited


Dec 2015 | In the Studio

Christiaan Bastiaans at Ace Hotel AIR series


Date of Stay: 11/22/15

During the third night in Residencies Unlimited’s November AIR series, Christiaan Bastiaans created a narrative, Your Attitude Has Changed, which was partially inspired by, and took place across his hotel room. Reports, instructions, and suggestive phrases were placed around the room and documented, and you can download the entire sequence of images as a PDF file here (about 150mb).

Christiaan Bastiaans (1951, Amsterdam) studied at the Amsterdam Gerrit Rietveld Academy, the Kyoto City University of Art and at New York’s Pratt Graphic Centre. He began working with video in the mid-seventies, creating highly interdisciplinary installations combining video with sculpture and photography. The human condition is a point of perpetual fascination for him. Through his interdisciplinary projects and artworks he explores the theme of displacement. Christiaan Bastiaans seeks out those on the periphery, people adversely affected by their circumstances. These ‘hurt models’, as he calls them, have included victims of war, socio-economic crises and social isolation.

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