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Res Artis | Creative Encounters: Reimagining Residencies

Res Artis 2019 annual conference, Creative Encounters: Reimagining Residencies was hosted by Kyoto City and Kyoto Art Center in cooperation with the Agency of Cultural Affairs from 6 – 8 February 2019.

This 3 day meeting addressed the evolution of artists residency models and rapid expansion of the field. We will compare traditional ‘time and space’ models with new residency typologies that reflect our changing social economy. Nomadic, start-up, virtual and Airbnb residencies will all be explored. The meeting will pose questions about the progression of the field using examples in Japan and internationally. How can we evaluate these new models? How can artists residencies remain socially engaged and respond to artists’ needs? How are these innovative new models funded?

These key themes of the meeting were discussed in Kyoto, a unique city where traditional and contemporary arts co-exist. Like artists in residence encountering different places for the first time, participants will experience the rich culture of Kyoto by way of excursions, city walks and tea ceremonies that will encourage further dialogue and networking.


Invited Speakers

Yukihiro Yamagami (artist and performer, Japan), Soichiro Hayashi (artist and performer, Japan), Tomi Aho (Arts Promotion Centre, Finland), Katja Rakkolainen (Arts Promotion Centre, Finland), Akira Tatehata (Kyoto Art Center, Tama Art University, Japanese Council of Art Museums, Japan), Sarah Gardner (independent researcher and cultural worker, Australia), Mayumi Yamamoto (Kyoto Art Center, Japan), Anupama Sekhar (Asia-Europe Foundation, UNESCO, Singapore), Taru Elfving (curator, Finland), Seiichi Kondo (Kondo Institute for Culture & Diplomacy, Japan), Megumi Matsuo (MATSUO MEGUMI+VOICE GALLERY, Japan), Mami Odai (Move Arts Japan (Command N), Japan), Yuichiro Yoshida (Kinosaki International Art Center, Japan), Wataru Shoji (musician, art coordinator, producer, Japan), Junpei Mori (PARADISE AIR, Japan), Heidi Vogels (visual artist and filmmaker, The Netherlands), Marie Fol (On the Move, The Netherlands), Yuki Asakura (Shizuoka University of Art and Culture, Fukui Prefectural University, University of Fukui, Japan), Teiko Hinuma (Rikuzentakata Artist in Residence Program, Japan), Arie Syarifudin (Jatiwangi Art Factory , Indonesia), Jean-Baptiste Joly (Akademie Schloss Solitude, Germany), Anna Lovecchio (NTU CCA Singapore, Singapore), Petra Johansson (Art Inside Out, Sweden), Davor Abazovic (Art Inside Out, Sweden), Maayan Strauss (multidisciplinary artist, architect, and curator, United States – Germany), Drew Bennett (Facebook Artist in Residence program, United States), Mkrtich Tonoyan (Artists’ Union of Armenia, Republic of Armenia), Cai Liyuan (independent curator, China), Neta Meisels (EMPTY HOUSE, Israel), Shingo Yamasaki (musician, Japan), Maryam Bagheri (Res Artis, Iran), Vincent Liew (educator and researcher, Singapore), Tatsuhiko Murata (Youkobo Art Space, Japan), Birte Gehm (Res Artis, The Netherlands), Tony Youssef (NOW Digital, Australia), Lisa Funderburke Hoffman (Alliance of Artists Communities, United States), Irmeli Kokko (Helsinki Festival, Finland), Teppei Kaneuji (artist, Japan), Eriko Kamimura (Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan), Markus Wernhard (Goethe-Institut, Japan), Charlotte Fouchet-Ishii (Villa Kujoyama, Japan), Tadayoshi Numasawa (Art Space Yosuga, Japan), Yoshitaka Yazu (kumagusuku, Japan), Yasuhiko Hayashi (artist, Japan), Lea O’Loughlin (ACME Studios International Residencies Programme, UK), Marianne Magnin (The Cornelius Arts Foundation, UK), Diane Isabelle (CALQ, Canada), Eliza Roberts (Res Artis, Australia), Sachiko Kanno (AIR Lab, Japan), Takahiro Kaneshima (FEC, Japan)


Program Overview

Full conference program can be found here


Additional conference details can be found here

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