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Welcome to our newly formatted DIALOGUES platform of published critical and theoretical content on the evolving field of art residencies. By collecting a variety of perspectives including yours we give voice to:

Academic Research: we interview scholars investigating art residencies from a theoretical standpoint.
Practices: we include conversations with artists, curators and art managers engaged in developing non conventional artist residencies that serve as a critical catalyst.
Panels: we provide a content summary of selected panels and conferences on art residencies that are happening in New York City and internationally.

DIALOGUES is managed by curatorial consultant and research fellow Giorgia Gandolfini. Please contact us with your contributions.

Podcast | Sep 2021

WITHSTANDING – A Podcast by the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York

Panels | Jul 2020


Practices | Sep 2019

Dialogues Interviews Lotta Schäfer, Head of Residency Program at ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics

Practices | Sep 2019

Dialogues Interviews Timo Wright and Anni Fahler, Founders of the Artist Residency Swap (ARS) Project

Academic Research | Jun 2019

Bring in the Arts and Get the Creativity for Free. A Study of the Artists in Residence Project

Academic Research | May 2019

A Lighthouse in the North. The BAR Artist-in-Residency Program and Tourism Development in Norway

Academic Research | Apr 2019

Ideas and Practices of the Art Residency. A Long History and a Bright Future

Academic Research | Mar 2019

How Is The Artist Role Affected When Artists Are Participating In Projects In Work Life?

Academic Research | Mar 2019

Impacts Of An Artist Residency Program Informed By Social Action Art Therapy

Academic Research | Mar 2019

Where Art and Technology Meet

Panels | Feb 2019

Res Artis | Creative Encounters: Reimagining Residencies

Academic Research | Jan 2019

Networked Artist-in-Residence Programs in the Networked Contemporary Art System

Panels | Nov 2018

Artseverywhere | The Value of Artistic Labor

Practices | Nov 2018

Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON. Josef Sungeun Lee: Meditations in Virtual Reality by Giorgia Gandolfini

Practices | Nov 2018

Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON. Choi Goeun: Defensiveness by Tiago de Abreu Pinto

Practices | Nov 2018

Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON. Ga Ram Kim: Public Opinion, Reconfigured by Anna Harsanyi

Academic Research | Oct 2018

The Potential Politics of Urban Artist-Run Residencies (UARRs) as Public Art in East Jerusalem

Practices | Oct 2018

Ars Longa. Building a House for Senior Artists in Helsinki

Panels | Oct 2018

AAC | 2018 Annual Conference

Practices | Sep 2018

Dialogues Interviews Liza Matveeva, Project Manager of CEC ArtsLink Back Apartment Residency

Practices | Sep 2018

Dialogues Interviews Mariarosa Lamanna, Founder and Director of Maison Ventidue

Practices | Aug 2018

Dialogues Interviews Riikka Suomi-Chande, Program Coordinator of the Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation

Practices | Aug 2018

Dialogues Interviews Lenka Clayton, Artist and Founder of An Artist Residency in Motherhood (ARiM)

Practices | Aug 2018

Dialogues Interviews Anastasia Patsey, Director of the St. Petersburg Art Residency (SPAR) at Pushkinskaya-10

Panels | Jul 2018

Res Artis | Exploring Sustainability Under the Midnight Sun

Academic Research | Jun 2018

The Artist Residency: Intersections of Self and Place at Artpace

Academic Research | Jun 2018

Fifty Years of Patronage: The Frances Hodgkins Fellowship and its Impact on Contemporary Art in New Zealand

Panels | Apr 2018

Artseverywhere | Artist Residencies: A Question of Time

Academic Research | Apr 2018

Artist Residency Programs in Rural Areas in Serbia: New Organizational Models

Panels | Mar 2018

Momus Podcast: The Artist Residency

Academic Research | Jan 2018

Artistic Autonomy in Non-Autonomous Contexts: Reframing Collective Agency and Insurgence from Caribbean Artist-Managed Spaces

Academic Research | Jan 2018

Black Plays Matter: Watah Theatre, Creating Safe Space for Black Artists in These Dangerous Times

Academic Research | Jan 2018

Embedded Aesthetics: Artist-in-Residencies as Sites of Discursive Struggle and Social Innovation

Practices | Jan 2018

Dialogues Interviews Cybele Maylone Executive Director at UrbanGlass

Practices | Jan 2018

Dialogues Interviews Jennie Lamensdorf Curator of Time Equities’ Artist-in-Construction Residency at 50 West

Academic Research | Jan 2018

Old Furnace Artist Residency: Art is a Conjunction

Academic Research | Jan 2018

International Artists-In-Residence 1990-2010 : Mobility, Technology and Identity in Everyday Art Practices

Academic Research | Jan 2018

Artist-in-Residencies as Places of Continuity, Mutuality, Free Thinking and Independent Research

Academic Research | Jan 2018

Universal Studios of Art: Professionalization and Contributions to Art Education in Nigeria

Academic Research | Jan 2018

Art, Science and Organizational Interactions: Exploring the Value of Artist Residencies on Campus

Panels | Dec 2017

Artseverywhere | Artist Safety/Safe Haven Hosting

Panels | Nov 2017

Artseverywhere | Artist (Residency) and the City

Panels | Oct 2017

Res Artis | Prepare for Production: On Residencies and Artistic Production

Practices | Apr 2017

For the Viewing Bodies: Reversibility in Vision

Practices | Mar 2017


Practices | Mar 2017

The Ongoing Flow of Suki Seokyeong Kang

Panels | Jan 2017

Embedded, Embedding: Artist Residencies, Urban Placemaking and Social Practice

| Jun 2016

Helen Dennis: Art Residency at Mission Gallery/ RU