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Erin Dunn at I.S. 187


“Current Events in the Classroom: Responding Through Art” at I.S 87 public school in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, with the participation of RU artist in residency Erin Dunn (New York).

“Current Events in the Classroom: Responding Through Art” calls for an experimental integration of the visual arts into the school’s social studies curriculum within the framework of a Law course in the Arts & Humanities Academy. Scheduled for the Spring semester, this new initiative is led by teaching artist and RU resident artist Erin Dunn, who has conceived three lesson plans for students from four 8th Grade classes. This program operates in grey areas between school subjects, where current issues in the news become catalysts for artistic creation and contemporary art topics are simultaneously used to foster an in-depth discussion on current local, national, and global events. Lesson plans are: “Occupy I.S. 187 Internet Space”, “Flag Mania: Cultural Branding and the Power of National Symbols”, and “Hand Made: Labor, Craft, and Mass Production”.

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