Residency Unlimited


Apr 25 2023 6:30-8:00pm

Agential Landscapes: Touched by Invisible Matter

Mar 24 2023 6:30-8:00pm

RU Talk: The Letter, the Veil, the Looter: Đejmi Hadrović in conversation with Lilia Kudelia

Mar 7 2023 6:30-8:00pm

“Sunny Side” and the Tourist Gaze: Lana Stojićević & Sara Garzón in conversation

Feb 9 2023 6:30-8:00pm

Poverty jet set – a conversation about living, working and moving in a precarious art world

Nov 22 2022 3:00pm

Becoming Listener — A Poetic guided meditation and listening practice workshop led by Anna Zilahi

Nov 22 2022 5:00pm

RU Talk: Introduction to Central Europe by Julia Woronowicz and Marie Lukáčová

Oct 30 - Nov 12 2022

“Fatherland: A Monument to Freedom”, a screening by Elena Chemerska

Oct 30 - Nov 12 2022

Urtica by Anna Zilahi

Oct 22 - 27 2022

Fall 2022 A.I.R. Group Show

Aug 12 - 27 2022


Jul 28 2022 6:00-8:00pm

Assuming We Can Reach the Sky

Jul 14 2022 1:00pm

Demystifying “The future of the past is the present”- a conversation between Ádám Albert and Adriana Blidaru

Jul 13 - 15 2022

The future of the past is the present

Jun 25 - Jul 14 2022

Reiki-healer’s Wife and her Garden Party

May 19 2022 6:00-8:00pm

RU Talk: Just between us

Apr 21 2022 6:00-8:00pm

Tracing the Hidden Memories

Apr 15 2022 1:00pm

Meet Over Lunch: In conversation with Fully Funded Residencies (FFR)

Jan 22 2022 12:00pm

RU Talk: METES AND BOUNDS #3, synapses and time-lapses

Nov 20 2021 11:00am

RU Talk: METES AND BOUNDS, old materials new hygiene

Oct 23 2021 12:00pm EDT

RU Talk: Metes and Bounds

Jun 28 2021 6:00pm

RU TALK: Dance with Bentham by Nika Ham

Jun 10 2021 2:00pm

RU TALK: Shared Threads

May 27 2021 2:00pm - 8:00pm

RU Exhibition: Sequence by Damir Sobota

May 9 - Jul 31 2020

Postcards From Home 

Apr 21 2020

Erik Sikora in Conversation with Lilia Kudelia

Oct 22 2019 6:30 pm

RU Talk: Tadej Vaukman, Katarina Petrovic, Lukas Hofmann in conversation with Rachel Gugelberger

Oct 10 2019 1 pm

Meet Over Lunch: Survival Kit for an Illiberal Scene

May 29 2019 6.30pm

RU Talk: Qëndresë Deda + Amanda Parmer

May 13 2019 6.30pm

RU Talk: Fiction/Reality – Pauline Batista and Ana Kuzmanić in conversation with Charlene K. Lau

Oct 19 2018

Arts & Education Workshops: Deus Ex Machina – The Future Machine, by Neža Knez at Charles O. Dewey Middle School 136 in Brooklyn

Mar 28 2019 6.30pm

RU Talk: Heesoo Kim and Emília Rigová in conversation with Jovana Stokic

Mar 19 2019 6.30pm

RU Talk: Top View, Close Look, Igor Bošnjak & Martin Penev

Nov 15 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Remijon Pronja and duo Lőrinc Borsos in conversation with Shimrit Lee

Oct 9 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Neža Knez and Nadežda Kirćanski In Conversation with Osman Can Yerebakan

Aug 9 2018 7pm

RU/17ESSEX Talk: Verica Kovacevska in conversation with Lisa Sigal

Aug 13 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Martin Kohout in conversation with Frankie Altamura

Jul 30 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Lek Gjeloshi in conversation with Meghan Forbes

May 15 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Matej Knežević and Meriton Maloku in conversation with Ksenia Nouril

Apr 25 2018 6.45pm

Escaping my corpse, by Catarina de Oliveira and ‘tales of a self’, by Katarína Hrušková

Apr 12 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Siniša Radulović and Katarína Hrušková in conversation with Jenny Gerow

Mar 27 2018 6:30pm

RU Talk: Martina Vacheva in conversation with Nora Boyd

Nov 14 2017 4pm

Non-selection as curation by Luka Knežević Strika and Jelena Mijić

Oct 30 2017 6.30pm

Jelena Mijić and Simon Hudolin/Mateja Rojc (Small But Dangers) in conversation w/ Amir Husak

Oct 28 2017 1-9pm

Barbora Kleinhamplová: Hand over Heels

Jun 4 2017 8pm

King of the Storm by Matyáš Chochola

May 25 2017 7pm

Performances by Dardan Zhegrova/Lola Sylaj and Mark Požlep

Mar 28 2017 6:30pm

Three Perspectives on Art from Central and South-Eastern Europe

Nov 18 - 20 2016

Hesitations 2: Nina Simonovic / Devin Gray trio