Residency Unlimited


Dec 2015 | In the Studio

Manuela Viera-Gallo at Ace Hotel AIR series


Date of Stay: 11/29/15

Closing out Residencies Unlimited’s curation of our November AIR series is artist Manuela Viera-Gallo, who’s created a rope-and-wood sculpture titled Catching Ideas that’s at once sturdy and delicate.

Viera-Gallo’s practice subsumes serious themes and topics into the fantastical and darkly comical. Spanning painting, sculpture, photography video, and installation she utilizes raw settings and materials tease out what she views as the ultimate depiction of sociopolitical and human relationships, “Over the past ten years,” Viera-Gallo explains, “my work has explored memory from my own experience as an immigrant. Analyzing different processes of political and social instability, it intersects with the idea of ever-evolving memory.”

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