Residency Unlimited



Feedback by past RU Residents on their experience during a RU residency.

Ján Zelinka, Slovakia (March – April, 2016)

RU helped mediate many meetings for me with curators. Meetings that would be impossible for me to organize without the help of an organization such as RU.

Alfons Knogl, Germany (Feb, 2016)

During my month long residency I experienced RU as a very helpful organization with great staff. With interesting studio visits and trips to exhibitions and other institutions I would not have known nor visited without RU, I benefited from the wide range network of RU. And mainly I was able to meet a diverse and riveting group of other international artists and curators staying at the residency.

Anne Siirtola, Finland (Feb – April, 2016)

Thank you RU! I really appreciate the work you do with your small and effective team. For me the residency period was very important. Learned a lot from studio visits, talks and conversations with other artist, making me concentrating and focusing more intense on my work and the context. It was very special and valuable time overall!

Kanako Hayashi, Japan (Feb – April, 2016)

The most valuable experience at RU was being in a group show with other RU fellow artists. I was very proud of being part of the show with them. The show gave me an opportunity to explore New York’s art scene. RU also introduced me to a lot of fantastic local art professionals who encouraged me to feel become more connected to New York. Thank you RU!

Peter Depelchin, Belgium (Feb – April, 2016)

RU is exactly what you need as a visual artist who is doing a residency in NY. RU has a huge network and if you get the honor to use this network you feel like a spider in a huge web continuously catching big flies. I felt like this. The RU team is extremely helpful. Besides logistic support, they also able to think strategically concerning career development, artistic research and networking. Their happy hours and presentations are wonderful and allowed me to meet amazing colleague artists. I’ll tattoo RU on my back because they are here to stay!

David Helbich, Belgium (Aug – Nov, 2015)

I love the concept of RU, where the residency is not only about a location, but about everything that moves outside this location. When you enter you immediately get dragged into the spirit of making things possible, connecting people, places, finding venues, setting up projects. The RU’s understand better than anyone else that making art and making making-art possible are both part of the same space: the space between the individual and the social, free inside, dependent on the outside. That’s the space I was hoping for, that’s the space I got. Thanks for your engagement!

Roman Štětina, Czech Republic (Feb-March, 2016)

I received much more than expected. The whole team was very helpful helping me get in touch with whoever I wanted. People I met during studio visits were just amazing.

Ajamu, England (March 2016) – Curator

The staff and team were simply amazing with their technical expertise and connections across the NY art scene.  Their support from day one to the last was invaluable and consistent. My target was 15 new portraits and filmed interviews. The team supported me in setting up the equipment for the shoots, recording each photo shoot and the final editing of the material. It was great meeting other artists from around the world – sharing work and ideas with a view to develop collaborations outside of RU. It was a beautiful intensive pleasurable experience both a personal and practice level. Highly recommended.

Aleksandra Chaushova, Bulgaria (Feb – March, 2016)

You are a great team and very attentive to the particular needs of each resident artist. I met through RU people interested in the same subjects that I am. Finally, RU gave me the opportunity to spend time looking at  an amazing concentration of exhibitions some of which I would not have had access to other than in New York.

Louise Hobson, Wales (Feb 2016) – Curator

This month long residency enabled me to genuinely experience an international community and an international conversation. I met with over 50 artists and 8 curators; I met over 40 individuals who took part in the Breakfast Club I hosted at RU; I visited 15 organisations/institutions; I attended 2 talks, 1 symposium and 4 events; I joined 2 field trips and I also went along to 1 open studio event. Undertaking this residency enabled me to encounter practice I otherwise wouldn’t and to meet with a vast and diverse group of artists and curators, who for the most part, have never been to Wales.  From all the people I have met with, exhibitions I have seen, organisations and institutions I have visited, I know that I will continue many conversations and from that, make new projects happen.

Sophia Hewson, Australia (June-Nov, 2015)

RU provided me with innumerable opportunities to advance my career, to make connections, and to gather some of the most interesting and productive feedback that I have had so far in my 10 years of practicing as an artist. It was exciting. I felt supported. I felt like the seriousness and the work ethic of the RU team was exceptional, and energizing to be around. I will feel grateful to the Residency Unlimited team for years to come.

Beto Shwafaty, Brazil (Oct – Nov, 2015)

My experience at RU was short but intense. I was amazed by how a small space can generate so much energy and exchanges. The residency allowed me to get in contact with the city, its local art scene and other artists, as also to undertake research in specific cultural archives in town… At RU they seem to be all the time coming up with new ideas, challenges and possibilities, however in a warm and calm environment. It was a great time in NY, with great people.

Søren Aagaard, Denmark (Sept – Nov, 2015)

The team of RU is professional and dedicated to meet the need of the single artist. It was great to meet a lot of different New York curators, but the best was the help I received to meet people from other fields… authors, professors from the NYU food Studies. This was very important for my research and work process in NYC and was very productive.

Krzysztof Gutfrański, Poland (Oct 2015) – Curator

The smooth logistics and great internal communication within RU made it possible for me to have the opportunity to meet many high-profile people in a short period of time. I am grateful for your kindness, support and smart “curating” as well as for prioritizing mutual cooperation across barriers of competitive art sectors.

Emireth Herrera, Mexico (Oct-Nov, 2015) – Curator

The most fantastic experience ever. It totally surpassed my expectations, not only because RU connected me with other programs and opportunities but also because I had the chance to meet wonderful and talented artists and curators. RU definitely has had a great impact in my curatorial practice. I can´t wait to go back!!!

Ariel Reichman, South Africa/Israel/Germany (Sept-Nov, 2015)

As I do not live in NY or the USA, building these working relationships will allow me to return and exhibit in NY. I also appreciated knowing some of the fellow artists in residency and the organisers. I feel I am welcome to return to the church at any time when I am in NY.

Diana Policarpo, Portugal/London (July-Nov 2015)

I had a great experience… Studio visits, help with my technical needs, great suggestions to visit some places and organizing a group show at Peninsula Art Space…Can I please do it again? …


Krzysztof Maniak, Poland (August 2015)

A prestigious residency at RU, one of the most dynamic centres, offering many contacts and opportunities, is a dream of every young artist. I have to say that in the beginning I doubted whether I needed that stay, but now I would be glad to repeat every day of the visit.

Pors & Rao, Denmark/India (Sept – Oct, 2015)

Being at RU was key in orchestrating both a reflection on our practice and how to verbalise it; at the same time a break from studio stress that enabled us to discover new directions in our work.

It was the best decision to come; I feel like these are transformational times.

Meiling Liu, Taiwan (July – Oct, 2015)

The team of RU is so professional and efficient, you all really gave me so much assistance. You help transition “the little seed”  into the bud. New York is now a new starting point to connect with the world.


HsiangLu Meng, Taiwan (July – Oct, 2015)

The most valuable support I’ve got from RU was the studio visits. Dialogues with art professionals help me to reflect.

Dino Zrnec, Croatia (Sept – Oct, 2015)

RU helped me in the way that I would not have been able to approach those individuals if I had come to NY city and tried to approach them personally.

Ewa Opalka, Poland (October 2015) – Curator

RU gave me an opportunity to explore New York’s art scene and to devote myself to my research on female artists both in U.S. and in Poland, from a historical and contemporary standpoint. This platform allowed me to get a sense on how curators and critics in the USA view the Polish art scene. Thank you RU!

Clare Olivares, USA (September 2015) – Outbound Artist

The residency in Cambodia that RU and Sa Sa Art Projects provided me with was unexpected, often puzzling, always interesting and incredibly stimulating. I came away from the experience grateful for the opportunity to explore another culture, meet young Cambodian artists and enhance my own artistic practice. It was a time of personal and artistic growth. Thank you RU for your support!