Residency Unlimited


Jul 2016 | New Rochelle Downtown: Artists in Residency

New Rochelle Kicks Off

nrbid_estok-degyansky From Left: Victoria Estok & Meredith Degyansky

RU’s new summer residency program in New Rochelle Kicks Off

Housed in an apartment complex currently under renovation, participating artists Brandy Bajalia, Meredith Degyansky, Victoria Estok, Thiago Goncalves, Wade Schaming, and Stephanie Spitz are occupying the large store front and various spaces throughout the building and in the community to experiment, explore and develop their work. Running under the title “Art at 5 Anderson," and in collaboration with the New Rochelle BID, the initiative will be further accompanied by a series of pop up exhibitions, performances and events throughout the summer. Further details coming very soon.


New Rochelle Downtown Artist Residency on

New Rochelle Business Improvement District (BID)

Residency Starts on Anderson Street, Downtown, New Rochelle!


Downtown New Rochelle’s Arts at 5 Anderson Expands Saturday With Works From Roof to Basement

Arts Program Events in Downtown New Rochelle Throughout Summer

“Dispersion-Summer,” First Exhibition of Downtown New Rochelle Arts Program

Residency Starts on Anderson Street, Downtown, New Rochelle!

Part III: Selfie in Paint