Residency Unlimited


New Rochelle Downtown: Artists in Residency

Collaboration between New Rochelle’s BID and the international organization, Residency Unlimited in order to bring together artists and community.

Moving beyond the traditional studio model, artists will produce participatory, socially-engaged projects centered in the downtown area which address questions of locality and sustainability directly concerning the communities of New Rochelle.

Downtown New Rochelle’s Arts at 5 Anderson Expands Saturday With Works From Roof to Basement


Arts Program Events in Downtown New Rochelle Throughout Summer


“Dispersion-Summer,” First Exhibition of Downtown New Rochelle Arts Program


New Rochelle Kicks Off

From Left: Victoria Estok & Meredith Degyansky

Residency Starts on Anderson Street, Downtown, New Rochelle!

View of our rooftop. During the summer weekends, this space will be filled with curated shows, visitors and creative energy.