Residency Unlimited


Each month RU programs talks, exhibitions and events involving the RU artists and curators in residency, their practice and projects. These public programs are free and are organized at the RU event space or in other venues throughout New York made possible through RU’s partnerships.

Jul 20 2016 6:30pm

“Animation Trends In Iran After The Revolution” w/ Pouya Afshar

Pouya Afshar and Soroush Rezaee, collaboration between [P]ART Collective and Sooriland, video still from Rostam in Wonderland, Sohrab's Blood. 2012 © Pouya Afshar

Jul 13 - 21 2016

“Some Observations…” Group Exhibition w/ André Cepeda, Miri Chais, Natacha Clitandre and Ingrid Eggen – curated by Lia Zaaloff

Natacha Clitandre, Time Capsules NYC — Glimpses of Urban Heterotopias, 2016, still from interactive project.

Jul 12 2016 6:30 pm

“Sergio and Simone”, film Screening by Virginia de Medeiros

Image: Installation shot Sergio and Simone (2007-2014); Photography: Everton Ballardin

Jun 16 2016 6:00pm

From Kentucky to New York, Project H.E.A.L.

Smoketown youth screen print with Steam Exchange during Smoketown Arts Festival 2015

Jun 14 2016 7:00 pm sharp

“OIKOS,” a performance by Hector Canonge

Courtesy of Alliance Française © Hector Canonge 2015.

Jun 9 - 29 2016

JARO 5: The Passenger feat. Iván Gaete & Graciela Cassel.

May 24 2016 6:30pm

Tuguldur Yondonjamts’ screening “An artificial nest captures a King”

An artificial nest captures a King, 2016, One channel video, 25:17 min

May 18 2016 6:30pm

Lenka Đorojević & Matej Stupica’s “Pieces”

Cubicles, pen on paper, 2015

May 14 2016 12:00PM

Artist Brunch Chats: Terike Haapoja


Apr 20 2016 6:30 pm

“Where the land ends” by Paolo Mele

Extreme Land, Produced by Ramdom, Edited by Luca Coclite, 21’09’’, still from video

Apr 12 2016 6:30pm

Christiaan Bastiaans and Beautiful Distress

Christiaan Bastiaans, Still from the "Your Attitude has Changed" series, 2015

Apr 9 - 30 2016


Kanako Hayashi, Practice for water dance, 2016. Still image from video, courtesy of the artist

Mar 29 2016 6:30pm

Knock, knock./Who’s there?/Adore./Adore who?/ Adore is between us. Open up


Mar 28 2016 6:30pm

“Suitcase Under The Bed” Ephemera Gathering Workshop with Ajamu


Mar 23 2016 6:30PM

Curating Queer Black Legacies: Ajamu and Sur Rodney (Sur) in conversation

Mar 8 2016 6:30pm

“Annulment of the End of Things” – A Reading

Aleksandra Chaushova, Annulment of the end of things, costume, 2015, digital print and
pencil drawing, 47x60cm

Mar 2 2016 6:30 pm

Tuo Wang Screening and Conversation with Herb Tam

Tuo Wang, Questions for America, 2014, single-channel HD video 

Feb 28 2016 12:00

Artist Brunch Chats: Elizabeth Zvonar

Elizabeth Zvonar, The New Feminism, 2016

Feb 18 2016 10:00

Breakfast Club


Nov 18 2015 6:30

FLUID PHOSPHORESCENCE, curated by Mette Kjærgaard Præst


Nov 10 2015 4:00 - 6:00pm

“a Journey through confusion, tragedies and search for love-ing,” by Marie Edinger Plum


Nov 7 - 27 2015

Socially Acceptable

Anna Fabricius, The Possible Plays with Thought, 2015. Still image from video, courtesy of the Artist.

Nov 6 - 22 2015

Pairing Down

Søren Aagaard, Tabletop Dolly (still), 2014

Oct 28 2015 6:30

Lecture Performance by Micha Das Bach


Oct 20 2015 6:30

Fields and praxes: Dino Zrnec and Marko Marković in Conversation

Marko Markovic, Announcement of Two Sculptures, 2009

Oct 12 2015 6:30

Ways Of Dealing With A Furious Lark


Sep 15 2015 6:30pm

XLerateArt: Man Bartlett in Conversation with Theo Edmonds

Man Bartlett, 'Hey, Sugar' installation view, 2015, Zephyr Gallery.  Photo by Kenneth Hayden

Aug 26 2015 6:00pm

Body Meets City


Aug 14 - Sep 13 2015

Being Here

(left) Mei-Ling Liu, The Imprint of New York, 2015; (right) HsiangLu Meng, Being, ongoing

Aug 6 - 9 2015

Structures and Layers

Manuela Viera-Gallo, Cronograma mural, 2015

Jul 16 2015 6:30pm

“Wearable Structures,” by Dominique Paul

Brian Rodriguez, wearing the "Animal Population Decline Dress" by Dominique Paul
in front of a TatsCru mural at Casita Maria

Jun 28 - Jul 20 2015

“Dissection” by Filipe Cortez / Open Studio at Governor’s Island

Detail of site specific "Dissection" by Filipe Cortez, 2015. Photographer: Lise Leclerc