Residency Unlimited


Installation | Mar 2014

Building Nora Silva’s “A Bar for America”


As part of the group show, Rituals of the Reflective Self, RU helped resident Nora Silva build her piece, "A Bar for America", a tongue in cheek design for RU's church setting, Silva's confessional titled “A Bar for America,” asks the participants to kneel at the confessionary stand - a posture of reverence and respect - and offers them to choose food from a menu which intends to put on the table our current food industry issues and expose the participants to the reality of flawed eating choices.

Below are pics of the building process.


Nora Silva

Rituals of the Reflective Self


Production Support – Barbora Kleinhamplová: Hand Over Heels

Video Interviews from Ajamu’s “Archiving Activists Portrait Project”

Dominique Paul’s “Interactive Median Revenue Dress: Acting as a Social Interface”

Ajamu’s Archiving Activist Portrait Project

Western by Thierry Costesèque – Trailer