Residency Unlimited


Film & Video | Nov 2012

Andrea Bianconi – Romance


Andrea Bianconi's residency focused on video piece derived for 5000 individual drawings that were digitized and stream in a sequenced to make a 10 min animation. The process took two months to complete using RU's video workstation with the assistance of RU's Operational Staff (as illustrated by the artist, above!).

The video was presented as the core component of a performance piece that Bianconi presented during the book launch of his illustrations, held at RU in October 2012.

The video was projected vertically on to the artist for a ten minute duration.

Check out the pictures from Flickr below:


Andrea Bianconi

Romance, a performance/screening and publication launch by Andrea Bianconi


Production Support – Barbora Kleinhamplová: Hand Over Heels

Video Interviews from Ajamu’s “Archiving Activists Portrait Project”

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Ajamu’s Archiving Activist Portrait Project

Western by Thierry Costesèque – Trailer