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Sep 2016 | Field Trips

RU Field Trip: Hoggard Wagner Art Collection in Manhattan

On September 19th, RU artists visited the Hoggard Wagner Art Collection in Manhattan, New York.

Barry Hoggard & James Wagner discussed how they started collecting more than thirty years ago, how they went about buying artworks and what kind of artists they like to support.It was a unique opportunity to hear first hand what the New York art world looked like from the 1990's onward. Thank you Barry & James for a wonderful evening and for being such gracious hosts.

Barry Hoggard and James Wagner

Barry Hoggard and James Wagner are small-scale but zealous patrons of all the arts, with particular devotion to the visual. They have served as members of boards attached to different non-profit institutions, have curated gallery and online exhibitions, and have been invited, separately or together, to advise non-profit visual and performing arts institutions in the areas of their experiences.

The Collection

Hoggard and Wagner began collecting art as a couple in the mid 1990s, and some works were acquired by Wagner prior to their partnership. This web site is intended to publicize the collection and the artists within it. They have never sold a work of art from their collection and they do not intend to do so. Their hope is that this site will present it to a wider public than the relatively few people who are able to see it in a private home.


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