Residency Unlimited


Mar 2016 | Workshop

Josef Albers’ Color Theory


Fritz Horstman led a color theory workshop demonstrating Josef Albers' technique.  Josef Albers' color course was legendary. The Bauhaus master, who also was director of Black Mountain College and head of the Yale School of Art, taught generations of students to see color in new and unexpected ways. Over a lifetime of teaching he created a series of exercises that opened up the subject of color. In this two hour workshop the residents explored two or three of these exercises.


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RU Workshop: Josef Albers’ “Interaction of Color” led by Fritz Horstman

Color Explosion - RU Artists search for the perfect color match that will meet original Albers' assignment

RU Field Trip: Keren Benbenisty studio at The EFA

RU Production Support: Kai-chun Chiang and Sean Wang

Field Trip to Brett Swenson’s studio visit in Red Hook

September 22, the beautiful view outside Brett's studio...

RU Field Trip: Hoggard Wagner Art Collection in Manhattan