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IDEAS 40203

About IDEAS 40203

IDEAS 40203 began in 2012 as a collaboration between Residency Unlimited and various organizations in Louisville, KY.

IDEAS 40203 (International Dialogue and Engagement Art Space + Zip Code) is a fully functioning 501(c)(6) contemporary art chamber of commerce – an artist-led/entrepreneur-focused, member association promoting new forms of economic development and positive social change. IDEAS 40203 is redefining what a chamber of commerce can be and do in the 21st Century by focusing on creativity as the fuel of innovation and people as Louisville’s greatest asset.

Located in zip code 40203, the 13th poorest zip code in the nation, IDEAS 40203′s vision is to transform Louisville’s under-developed urban core into one of America’s most desirable locations for artist-entrepreneurs — with specialized backgrounds in law, environmental science, culinary, business, finance, technology, etc — to experiment purposefully and innovate for the common wealth of all Louisville… regardless of class, race, gender or sexual orientation.

Creative Entrepreneurship
By creating new, collaborative relationships between artists and businesses built upon economic development rather than traditional philanthropic models, artists can become key innovators in Louisville’s urban planning and strategic economy building  – producing incremental, quantifiable economic and social prosperity.

2014  ArtPlace America Creative Placemaking Grantee
2014  The National Endowment for the Arts has awarded IDEAS 40203 and its sister organization Residency Unlimited (RU) a $50,000 “Our Town” grant to place artists on project teams inside corporations. The grant provides seed funds to create "The Accelerator," an artist-in-corporate-residence program in Louisville. Over a twelve-month period beginning this Fall, select artists with specialized skills will be systematically placed within corporations across Louisville’s major industry clusters such as Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare/Wellness, Food/Beverage and Tourism.

The chosen artists will then come to Louisville for approximately six week periods over the year. The project will culminate with a one-day symposium in late 2015 to review the outcomes.

The first artist-in-corporate-residence will work with XLerateHealth, a Louisville-based healthcare industry business accelerator, and their affiliate corporation Thrive365 – a proprietary mobile health platform addressing a world-wide market of 385 million individuals living with diabetes.

Additionally, for each artist residency in Louisville, GE FirstBuild will provide materials, equipment, technological supervision and “maker space” for production of any artwork that may be generated in tandem with the corporate operational and business outcomes of each residency.

RU's special projects curator Ayelet Danielle Aldouby will be leading the project together with Theo Edmunds and Josh Miller from IDEAS 40203.

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