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Q Arts Residency Program


Disciplines: All Disciplines, Animation, Architecture, Choreography, Community, Concept & Theory, Dance, Digital, Engineering, Experimental, Film & Video, Installation, Light and Projection, Media Arts, Moving Image, Music & Sound, Performance, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry, Research, Science, Sound, Technology, Urbanism, Visual Arts.

Location: Peterhoff, Saint Petersbourg, Russian Federation

Duration: 2 weeks - 1 year

Eligibility: -

Support: housing, workspace, curatorial assistance

Costs: it depends on individual project

URL: http://

Program Description:

The residence of arts and technology "QuartaRiata"
Q-Residence is an experimental centre of audiovisual arts and technologies, and a multifunctional platform for cultural and educational events in the field of multimedia, film, photography, performative art, contemporary choreography, subject design, architecture and urban studies.

More Info: http://

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(Deadline: 15 Dec, 2017)