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PECAH – Art residency in India

Deadline: 31 Oct, 2017

Disciplines: Activism, Art Education, Choreography, Collaboration, Community, Composition, Concept & Theory, Crafts & Trades, Critical studies, Curatorial, Dance, Drawing, Experimental, Film & Video, Fine art, Gastronomy, Installation, Journalism, Land Art, Literature, Music & Sound, Other, Painting, Pedagogy, Performance, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry, Research, Sculpture, Social Practice, Sound, Textile, Theater, Visual Arts, Writing.

Location: Manila, Uttarkhand, India

Deadline: 31 Oct, 2017

Duration: 1 month

Eligibility: See application process:

Support: Accommodation, food, weekend visits, workshops

Costs: $1000 USD for the residency + plane ticket and visa costs


Program Description:

Description of residency program
PECAH is an art residency that will give you the opportunity, through workshops, to learn about traditional Indian art forms such as aipan, pattachitra, cow dung painting, folk music, folk danse, etc. You will learn from local artist and exchange with them. This is a group residency, which means that you will get to share your view on art with artists from all over the world; it is also an opportunity to create links with them that can last a lifetime! At PECAH, we promote international friendship and collaboration in between the artists, believing that working together, sharing opportunities as well, can enrich one artist's work and career.
PECAH has the perfect location: facing the Himalayas, you get a breath-taking view everyday of your stay - it is truly inspirational, whether you are a painter, a photographer, a musician, a writer, etc. It is also the opportunity to learn more about India in a real quiet context, which can be a great contrast with the constant noise of the big Indian cities.
Come to PECAH not only to travel and see art behind a glass in a museum: learn to make it, look at it from close and truly immerse yourself in this beautiful adventure!

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
 We welcome artists who practices visuals, music, dance, theatre, literature, etc.

Application information
Please send us:
A resume / CV (online or CD).
A brief statement, covering your interest, art practice and why you want to join this residency.
5 images or examples of your current practice which represents your artistic ability. If you are a writer it may be difficult to appraise text due to language barriers. However, we encourage you to give us an idea of your style and inspirations.
List your choice of four workshops you would like to participate in over the four week period (view the workshop page for more details). 

More Info:

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