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Open call to develop an Analogic Film project in Crater-Lab



Disciplines: All Disciplines, Digital, Experimental, Film & Video, Installation, Light and Projection, Media Arts, Moving Image, Music & Sound, Performance, Photography, Sound, Visual Arts.

Location: Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Duration: 1 month

Eligibility: Aimed at filmmakers who include analog formats in any of the stages of it’s Project

Support: Use of all the Laboratory space. Al0l the equipment y machinery to work with analogic film is provided (camera, to develop, contact and optical printer, projectors, moviola...). Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and wi-fi access.

Costs: 350€ month

URL: http://

Program Description:

About the Artistic Residency:
For national and international artist / filmmakers Crater-Lab offer an Artistic Residency, that is aimed at artist who necesarelly wish to develop an analogic film project (or to include analog film in any stages of the project). It allows, during the residence time, a complete use of all Crater-Lab's space, equipment and machinery in a free and autonumus way, with a flexible schedule, becoming this opportunity in a space-time entirelly dedicated to explore the infitine world of analogic.

Being an Artist Resident in Crater-Lab you'll have free access to all the proccess previously explained of Film: to Develop, Edit, to Project; also a complete disposition of all the technical means.

The time you'll spend in the residence you'll have a bedroom available with a bed, closet and desk, bathroom, services and wifi for your accommodation. Our space is also habilitaded with a yard, livingroom and kitchen.

Any artist is able to present a proposal that will be valued by it's viability and not by it's content, keeping our philosophy of experiment with the project and with multiple disciplines.

At the end of the residence, we offer an opportunity to organize a projection of the film and to have a feedback with other artist.

Our call is open for all the year, so the time for each residence will depend on the artist's disponibility.

For more information about the Laboratory's instalations and our Previous Artist's Residence, you can visite our webpage:


More Info: http://

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