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Deadline: 31 Jan, 2017


Disciplines: Activism, Administration, All Disciplines, Animation, Architecture, Art Education, Ceramics, Collaboration, Community, Concept & Theory, Crafts & Trades, Critical studies, Curatorial, Dance, Design, Digital, Engineering, Experimental, Film & Video, Fine art, Gastronomy, Glass, Installation, Journalism, Land Art, Light and Projection, Literature, Media Arts, Moving Image, Music & Sound, Other, Painting, Pedagogy, Performance, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry, Printmaking, Research, Science, Sculpture, Social Practice, Sound, Technology, Textile, Theater, Visual Arts, Writing.

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Deadline: 31 Jan, 2017

Duration: Flexible- from 1 to 3 months. You can apply any time.

Eligibility: We would like to see some of your work, before your stay in the Residency starts

Support: housing, workspace, interesting programme, exhibiton

Costs: Monthly costs for Residency program, sleeping and work studio - 730 €/month


Program Description:

WORLD OF CO is warm and friendly Art Residency program located in Sofia, Bulgaria for artists from all over the world.
The duration of the residency program is flexible, between 1 to 3 months or even shorter. The main language in the Residency is English.
Our doors are open to all disciplines including visual arts, painting, sculpture, ceramics, performing, arts, textile art, literature, new media, animation, printmaking, curatorial studies, arts administration, movie making, architecture, design, dancing, music, playwrights and so on.
The aim is to foster creative energies, promoting international artistic exchange, and introducing international artists to our vibrant and exciting city.
Sofia is no grand metropolis, but it's a large modern, youthful city where street art culture thrives with a great force. Home to many of Bulgarian finest museums, art galleries, restaurants with amazing traditional Bulgarian food and bars. Nestled in the mountain Vitosha, Sofia may persuade you to stick around, explore and fall in love!
You will have the opportunity to taste, feel and experience amazing Bulgarian traditions, old villages, and cities. Our more than beautiful Nature which will open your inspiration and creativity in a totally new direction.
You are welcome to explore THE WORLD OF CO.

More Info:

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