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Holes in the Wall Collective OPEN RESIDENCY



Disciplines: Activism, Administration, All Disciplines, Animation, Architecture, Art Education, Ceramics, Collaboration, Community, Composition, Concept & Theory, Crafts & Trades, Critical studies, Curatorial, Dance, Design, Digital, Engineering, Experimental, Film & Video, Fine art, Gastronomy, Glass, Installation, Journalism, Land Art, Light and Projection, Literature, Media Arts, Moving Image, Music & Sound, Other, Painting, Pedagogy, Performance, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry, Printmaking, Research, Science, Sculpture, Social Practice, Sound, Technology, Textile, Theater, Visual Arts, Writing.

Location: New Jerusalem (Kutztown, Allentwon, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, New York, Baltimore, Boston), PA, United States

Duration: One week. February. March. April. May. Attend one, or all four.

Eligibility: All Creatives are eligible to apply. Application available at

Support: We offer subsidized rates to artists across disciplines. Residency includes housing, access to kitchen, Irving Farm Coffee, oils/spices/condiments/basic dry goods, access to grounds.

Costs: $285 for one session, $250/session for two, $225/session for three, $200/session for four


Program Description:

The Holes in the Wall Collective Creative Residency Program invites people across disciplines to engage with their practice and share collective space.

Housed on the 29 acre Art in the Fields property in rural Pennsylvania, the Holes in the Wall Cabin is a place to delve in, to regroup, to focus, to change your narrative.

Big projects. Small Projects. Collaborations. Solo work.

Holes in the Wall Collective strives to expand the notion of creativity beyond the more defined forms of creative practice- expanding our residency to those working in science, policy, economics, education, activism, pedagogy, technology, etc. All creatives welcome.

Winter/Spring 2017 Open Residency Periods:
January 30th-February 5th.
February 27th-March 5th.
March 27th-April 2nd.
May 1st-May 7th.

Join us for one, two, three or all four.

A chance to get away from your daily grind and carve out a slice of time for you. Shared and individual space for productivity, reflection and work. Come work on your work- creatives across disciplines welcome.

The Holes in the Wall Collective Cabin rests on 29 acres of woods, fields and a pond on the Art in the Fields property. Four bedrooms with private work space, all-wooden cabin, large fireplace, communal kitchen and spacious living room. Ample space for walking and reflecting, an ideal environment for winter work and focus.

Great for writing, researching, planning, conceptual work, editing, drawing.

We strive to make our workshops and residencies both affordable and dynamic. All costs help support Holes in the Wall Collective continue its programming.

For more information and to view our winter/spring calendar visit,

More Info:

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