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Greek island residency



Disciplines: All Disciplines.

Location: Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Duration: 2 weeks plus

Eligibility: All disiplines

Support: Studio space and private bedrooms. Exhibitions possible.

Costs: 150 Euros per week artist fee.

URL: http://

Program Description:

The Lakkos artists residency is on the Island of Crete. Lakkos is in the old town of Crete's biggest city Heraklion. At the residency we like to mix all kinds of artists. Many choose to make or paint something to leave behind on the areas walls. This is an option of the artists. Musicians and writers can work alone or choose to share their work in a public way at the end of their stay. We do many presentations and try to mix in with other creative groups here.

We have three old houses that take you back to a time that most of modern Greece has forgotten. The residency can be very social but for those who like privacy there are many spaces where you can work or relax alone.

The island of Crete offers many options to trigger creativity.

More Info: http://

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