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Deadline: 28 Feb, 2017


Disciplines: Architecture, Art Education, Collaboration, Community, Critical studies, Gastronomy, Land Art, Music & Sound, Other, Pedagogy, Performance, Photography, Research, Sculpture, Social Practice, Theater, Urbanism, Visual Arts.

Location: Venice, Veneto, Italy

Deadline: 28 Feb, 2017

Duration: 10 days

Eligibility: The call is open to artists working in any discipline interested in participatory and community practices. We are seeking for a project proposal which should give a contribution at least to one of these topics: engagement of local communities and interaction with liminal, not used or abandoned spaces in Venice

Support: Hospitality, A space to work, A reimbursement of travel up to 100€, A fee of 300€, Curatorial and logistical support

Costs: no costs


Program Description:

Fronde is offering the opportunity to undertake a residency period in the field of public and socially engaged art with the purpose of realising a participatory project/event in Venice which should relate to themes detailed below. The residency will last 10 days and it should take place between the middle of March and the middle of April in the city of Venice.

- Hospitality
- A space to work
- A reimbursement of travel up to 100€
- A fee of 300€
- Curatorial and logistical support

1) The city’s collective imaginary. We would like to challenge the numerous stereotypes of Venice, its fictionality and its tourist-focused image, in order to find a more realistic vision of the city.
2)The meaning of living in Venice. We would like to research what does it mean live in this place - the rituals, identities and dynamics.
3) The dichotomy between public and private space.The public space of Venice very often reminds a domestic space. What can be really a public space in Venice, thinking about the thresholds and boundaries of this place?

We are seeking for a project proposal which should give a contribution at least to one of these topics. In particular we are seeking proposals which will be able to create situations (even difficult to realise) which will rethink positively the present, the community and its dynamics.

In addition, the proposal should take in consideration at least one of these aspects:
- engagement of local communities
- interaction with liminal, not used or abandoned spaces
- leave a question, an idea which will remain with the people who took part to the project

The existing knowledge of the Venetian context is not necessary. We are open to proposals which have been tried and tested in other places but which can be interesting for Venice.


We will evaluate the quality of the proposal submitted and its relevance to the topics mentioned above. During the selection process the artist could be contacted for a possible interview.

The call is open to artists working in any discipline interested in participatory and community practices, to who would like to take up the challenge and experience the Venetian social dynamics.

To apply please submit:
- A completed application form
- A single file with maximum 3 examples of your work
- An up-to-date CV

The material should be sent by email to before 12 pm of 28th of February.

If you require any further information in relation to the call, to Venice you can contact us at

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