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Bull Run Nook Writers Retreat


Disciplines: Art Education, Collaboration, Community, Composition, Concept & Theory, Critical studies, Curatorial, Digital, Experimental, Journalism, Literature, Media Arts, Other, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Poetry, Research, Science, Technology, Writing.

Location: Manassas, VA, United States

Duration: Up to 2 weeks

Eligibility: Emerging to established writers

Support: Private writers studio and living quarters (fee-based)

Costs: $2 application fee; daily and weekly rates on website


Program Description:

It can be very challenging to start or sustain work amidst day-to-day distractions and obligations. Our aim is to provide a simple, comfortable, and private place for artists to explore and pursue their ideas and endeavors in peace. The Nook residence is a large, private home located in beautiful and historic Manassas, Virginia, a hybrid of country and city, where individuals can see the Blue Ridge Mountains in the near distance and also drive into the nation's capital. The Nook team realizes how valuable it is to have a dedicated, separate space to focus on creative projects and welcomes writers from all backgrounds, regardless of career phase, to apply.

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