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Atelier HOLCNEROVA Artist Residency for Engineers/ Furniture designers/ Architects


Disciplines: Architecture, Collaboration, Concept & Theory, Crafts & Trades, Design, Digital, Engineering, Fine art, Other, Photography, Research, Science, Sculpture, Technology, Textile, Urbanism, Visual Arts.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Duration: Min. 3 months

Eligibility: Education or work experience in Architecture, Design, Energy Engineering, Graphic Design, Restoration, Furniture Design, Craftwork

Support: Stipend, Workspace

Costs: none


Program Description:

Atelier HOLCNEROVA offers an Artist Residence opportunity in Lisbon where
you can apply all-year-round either for Standard Program (joining
our standard internship opportunity) or Creative Program (your
own project proposal).

Our Atelier is an office in cultural district of Belém in Lisbon with projects in 3 main disciplines: Reconstruction, Sustainable Energy and Product Design.
Our Workshop is located in Sintra, half an hour from city center, and its the home to "From Past With Love"; our furniture restoration brand.

Our team is very international. We speak Portuguese, English, Czech, Spanish, Persian and Italian.

If you have a background in:
- Architecture
- Design
- Energy Engineering
- Graphic Design
- Restoration
- Furniture Design
- Craftwork

Send an email to with a short introduction to who you are and what you are interested in, plus a CV.

We financially support applicants with a monthly stipend plus helping with Erasmus+ Grant for students and recent graduates and other grant proposals.

More Info:

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