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Sep, 2017

Georg Petermichl in Appendix Toss at SORT

We are pleased to invite you to "Appendix Toss," with works by Georg Petermichl and Kate Newby.

Opening: Wednesday, September 20th

Date: September 20nd – October 22nd

Venue: SORT. Backerstrasse 7 tur 8, Vienna 1010.

SORT, located in a well-preserved Renaissance building, challenges the viewer with its manifold architectural elements.

Artist Georg Petermichl refers to the vestigial appendices of the space through imprints of keys, which have lost their use-value and are tossed onto a ceramic vase.

Both Newby and Petermichl make an architectural deal with SORT. Their work accesses the space in a way that reflects the artists’ conceptions of where and how art should take place.


Georg Petermichl


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