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Sep, 2017

Ofri Cnaani – For Her Own Good – The American Jewish Historical Society

Opening and Performance:
September 7th, 6:30-8:30 PM
September 7- November 1, 2017
The American Jewish Historical Society
15 West 16th Street, New- York City

Curated by Shirly Bahar

The mixed media installation explores the multivalence of Emma Goldman's performances, voices, and silences. A poetic commentary on the public speeches and closed hearings of "the most dangerous woman alive," the video, sound, and sculpture installation weaves archival footage from various speeches and hearings. Especially, the installation recovers and reenacts Goldman's final hearing in the US before her deportation on September 11th, 1917 - a hearing in which she was not allowed to speak, ostensibly "for her own good." The installation will welcome visitors to witness, interact, and interfere with the materials and mechanisms of the installation and participate in the making of an alternative Emma Goldman audiovisual sculptural archive.

Will They Let Her Speak?
As part of the exhibition I worked on a new artist book, designed by studio Michal Sahar.

September 19th at 7:30PM
Screening of 'Acts and Intermissions: Emma Goldman in America" and conversation between the film director, Abigail Child, and myself.


Ofri Cnaani


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