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Article | Mar 2011

Artist Residency, Pecs Hungary

By Stephanie Dinkins

coordinated by Residency Unlimited and supported by Approach Art Association, Pecs Hungary
December 2010 /January 2011

In December 2010/ January 2011 I participated in an artist residency in Pecs, Hungary.
This opportunity was generated through a collaboration between Residency Unlimited/Harlem Biennial, in the US, and Approach Art Association, an art institution with a 15 year history of supporting and exhibiting contemporary art in Hungary. Through the residency I had an apartment that served as living space and studio. I used the residency as an opportunity to finish a lingering project, begin a new project and make connections with a variety artists, arts educators and arts administrators in both Pecs and Budapest. I also used my time in Pecs to “absorb” local culture and explore nearby environs. Side trips took me to Istanbul, Turkey; Vienna, Austria; and Maribor, Slovenia. I explored a variety of museums, galleries and cultural institutions in each of these cities. Some of highlights of these side trips were the impressive mosques of Istanbul and an unexpected pilgrimage to the Venus of Willendorf at the Vienna Natural History Museum.

Book Bench, a book about a community-based project I completed in 2007 is the project I completed in Pecs. This last aspect of the Book Bench Project had waiting to be completed for some time. The book is now available for preview and purchase at

As a memento/residue of my stay in Pecs, I left behind a work of CacheArt*. CacheArt is a new form of public art that offers everyone the possibility of seeking contemporary artworks, finding and discovering them worldwide within the system of Geocaching. Works of CacheArt are placed in settings that can be traced by geographic coordinates published on the Internet. Using communication systems such as smart phones and GPS navigation it is possible to identity artworks and discover the necessary information for locating them. This is part of a new, ongoing project I am working on with Latvian Artist Kristaps Gulbis.

Lastly, as a result of the residency my work Iconology I is included in Tükén innen, Dunán túl A Közelítésdosszié: KME 1995-2010 an anniversary exhibition of Approach Art Association at the Institute of Contemporary Art Dunaujvaros (ICA-D)

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