Residency Unlimited


DIALOGUES is a resource conceived as an online critical and theoretical platform to collect information and sharing of knowledge about the evolving field of art residency. For further inquiry we invite you to contribute your ideas, writings, and texts to this growing pool of content. Please fill in this form for further inquiry.

Mar 2011

Artist Residency, Pecs Hungary

Feb 2011

Zachary Fabri @ Jardim Canadá Center of Art and Technology JA.C.A Residency

Red Handed, 2010, C-print (from the video Mim andar Avenida Canadá, 2010)
Feb 2011

Georgia Sagri, in conversation with Judith Souriau

Jan 2011

Solitude to Community

Jan 2011

Interview with Olivia Plender

Nov 2010

Some notes on the production of resident alien artists. A conversation with Branko Franceschi.

Nov 2010

VoxPop – RU on the state of artist mobility

Aug 2010

Interview with Kitty Scott, The Banff Centre, Banff, Canada

Jul 2010

Conversation with Brendan Fernandes (New York, US)

Jun 2010

A new flâneur

May 2010

Conversation with Charlotte Bydler

Apr 2010

Runo Lagomarsino

Mar 2010

Jennie C Jones

Mar 2010

Conjuring the not-now to confirm our fragile presence in time & space

Mar 2010


Mar 2010

Community Service, what is fair?

Feb 2010

(Un)limited Rites de Passage

Feb 2010

The Airplane is a Fish that Flies in New York City

Feb 2010

Mladen Miljanovic

Jan 2010

A Room of One’s Own

Nov 2009

Miha Strukelj