Residency Unlimited


Activities related to RU Residency Program

Zachary Fabri @ Jardim Canadá Center of Art and Technology JA.C.A Residency

Wandering Band by Ana Prvacki – Video Footage

The Wandering Band by Ana Prvacki – June 11th, 12th & 13th, 2010

SPECIAL FEATURES 2010 – Film Screening Friday May 7th, 2010 7pm, Millennium Workshop

Joel Schlemowitz. – “Victrola Cinema”

Adam & Eve – “Fair Chance”

Jackie Raynal – “How to fold a green screen”

Camille de Galbert – “Element 20”

Marie Losier – “Cet Air La”

Peter Hristoff – “Look at Me When You Do That”

Francisca Caporali – “KUMUKUx60”

Brian Frye & Penny Lane – “The Game of Noughts and Crosses”

Andrew Lampert – “TRANSFERENCE DAY”

F. P. Boué – “Flatland II (Corsa in camera)”

Bradley Eros – “Seance (the trailer)”

Crying for Cookies – Juliana Francis Kelly

Special Features 2010