Residency Unlimited


Activities related to RU Residency Program

Sep 2020 | Workshop

The Ant Project Virtual Workshop

Production Support – Barbora Kleinhamplová: Hand Over Heels

RU Workshop: Josef Albers’ “Interaction of Color” led by Fritz Horstman

Downtown New Rochelle’s Arts at 5 Anderson Expands Saturday With Works From Roof to Basement

Arts Program Events in Downtown New Rochelle Throughout Summer

“Dispersion-Summer,” First Exhibition of Downtown New Rochelle Arts Program

Helen Dennis: Art Residency at Mission Gallery/ RU

Part III: Selfie in Paint

Video Interviews from Ajamu’s “Archiving Activists Portrait Project”

Dominique Paul’s “Interactive Median Revenue Dress: Acting as a Social Interface”

Ajamu’s Archiving Activist Portrait Project

Let’s talk about drawing

RU Outbound Artist Clare Olivares on her residency at Sa Sa Art Projects

Part II: Selfie in Sound

The first roundtable discussion around “The Louisville Table”

Launch of “The Louisville table” – PHOTOS

Dominique Paul – Northside Town Hall Benefit

Western by Thierry Costesèque – Trailer

Selfie in Green by Kristin McIver

Sean Hanley – Production Photos

Launch of “The Louisville Table”

Project 6: Who’s Louisville? – Man Bartlett Artist Talk

Man Bartlett & IDEAS 40203 – Project 6: Who’s Louisville? at Zephyr Gallery

Man Bartlett Interviewed on Leo Weekly

Louisville is Ready

Man Bartlett Engages Thrive365

Special Features 2015 – Selected Artists

Presentation of Jakub Szczesny at GE’s First Build – PHOTOS

Jakub Szczesny & GE FirstBuild

An Intro to XlerateART

Summer McCorkle – SONG FOR 360 COURT STREET

James N. Kienitz Wilkins – Special Features

Thierry Costesèque – Filming Western

Avigail Talmor on her experience at Da Wang Culture Highland

Current Events in the Classroom 2013 – Yana Dimitrova

The Cow Taxi by Khvay Samnang

Fashion show, BRNX! FSHN! REVOLUTION! w/ Walter Steinacher

Heta Kuchka’s “Present” – Production Shots

Erin Dunn at I.S. 187

Responding Through Art Blog

Current Events in the Classroom Featured on Contemporary Art Education Blog

Current Events in the Classroom: Responding Through Art

Residency Report from Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taiwan

America is Not Ready for This by Karol Radziszewski

Pedro Motta and PAISAGEM SUSPENSA – 2010/2012

Zachary Fabri @ Jardim Canadá Center of Art and Technology JA.C.A Residency

Wandering Band by Ana Prvacki – Video Footage